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Chances are, there will be very few hands up in the air. What could be better than discovering your sweet, innocent girlfriend once flashed a bartender for a free drink? How about revealing a little of your own past for a good laugh or two with all of your friends? This list contains some G- to R-rated questions for your lucky group of lesbian friends and some even have a part two! So drink, relax, and get ready for some laughable, sexy Never Have I Ever moments this evening, because ladies, this list is alllll for you.

Movie ratings guides for moms. "Best of" lists

The Motion Picture Association of America MPAA film rating system is used in the United States and its territories to rate a film's suitability for certain audiences based on its content. The MPAA rating system is a voluntary scheme that is not enforced by law; films can be exhibited without a rating, although certain theaters refuse to exhibit non-rated or NC rated films. Non-members of MPAA may also submit films for rating. The MPAA film ratings are as follows: [4]. In , the MPAA ratings were visually redesigned, with the rating displayed on a left panel and the name of the rating shown above it.

Teen drug use on family. Impact of Early Use

This distinction in adolescent drug use between mother-only versus father-only households is largely overlooked in contemporary studies. In some studies, amphetamine and other drug use has been linked to increases in violent behavior Haggard-Grann et al. Even after controlling for age, education, and ethnicity, research suggests that chronic inhalant users demonstrate greater levels of cognitive impairment and less effective working memories than chronic cocaine users Rosenberg, Grigsby, Dreisbach, Busenbark, and Grigsby, It has also been established that early-onset cigarette and alcohol use among adolescents strongly predicts later marijuana use Griffin, Botvin, Scheier, and Nichols, Johnson et al.

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The design world is rediscovering Asia and its ageless, classic design styles, which evoke an image of serenity and tranquil charm. Asia-inspired interiors are like a peaceful oasis that makes you forget your never-ending rush and let you relax. Colorful Asian accent stand out in neutral interiors best of all. If you are choosing Chinese and Indian vibes , bold colors are a must. Black lacquered furniture is also very easy to fuse into a contemporary room.