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Bridgette Kerkove born February 8, is an American former pornographic actress and director. Kerkove entered the adult film industry in January at the urging of her future husband, Skeeter Kerkove. She has also appeared with Skeeter in a variety of videos. She started directing in , [1] working for companies such as Metro Studios and No Boundaries. Kerkove married adult film director Skeeter Kerkove in

Why has my cum gone runney. Thoughts and impressions "Why Is My Semen Watery?":

Normally, sperm is a thick, whitish liquid. However, there are several conditions that can change this and change the colour of the semen as well with varying implications for the individual. When the consistency of semen tends towards the watery type, it can be indicative of a low sperm count or the fact that some fertility problems could exist. Anytime this condition is seen or even suspected, it is a primary reason for some serious examination to determine its cause and confirm its presence. When a thin, watery kind of sperm is produced at ejaculation, it is often a temporary condition that is not caused by any serious medical problem and is therefore fully reversible.

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We take our content seriously. All of YourFertility's guides, references and statistics have been verified by our editorial team. Your menstrual cycle can have a lot to say about your health and fertility. But are there times you should be concerned about how your body is functioning? Each month, your body goes through a series of changes to prepare for the possibility of getting pregnant.