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Approximate Boundary:. In addition to offering plenty of put and take water, Beaver Creek is one of Maryland's premier freestone fly fishing destinations as a result of the spring fed, cold water that supports year-round trout fishing for the biggest "hogs" east of Garrett County and west of the Gunpowder. With plenty of clean, alkaline water bubbling up from the springs adjacent to the Albert Powell Trout Hatchery, water temperature does not limit trout survivability. The stream runs through farmland with minimal drop in elevation — there are no violent rapids or plunge pools to add sparkle and character to the creek. Instead, it meanders adjacent to open fields shaded by thick, tall trees that line both banks.

Memories and spanking. Hurts Me More Than You: Deborah and Janet’s Stories

I guess I was a fairly typical six-year-old — full of energy and trouble. I have already related how my sister Tina smacked my bottom for rummaging through her underwear drawer. I was 10 and it was the start of the Christmas holidays. When I was four years old, we lived in a quiet suburb outside of Chicago called Oak Lawn. I remember the first and only spanking I ever received from our neighbour, Mrs Gardner.

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Chuck Versus the Wookiee is the fourth episode of season one. It first aired on October 15, Chuck is getting used to Sarah being around in his life when another spy hottie, Carina Miller , shows up and asks for Team Bartowski 's assistance to retrieve a diamond. Chuck must also deal with Morgan 's obsession with the new arrival, as well as her habit of "improvising" on missions. After a gathering with Chuck, his family and Morgan, for pizza, Sarah returns to her apartment where she is assaulted by a masked intruder.

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Image Source: The Daily Mail. Some are taboo, some are cringe-inducing, some are downright revolting, and all are extraordinarily bizarre. From the weirdest things we put in our bodies to the weirdest things we lop off our bodies to the weirdest things we do with our dead bodies, here are seven of the strangest cultural practices from around the world that are still carried out today:. Image Source: Cabinet Of Curiosities. The death of a family member in the Dani tribe of Indonesia heralds a vast amount of emotional and, for women, physical pain.

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Utility models can be registered in some countries to protect technical innovations which might not qualify for a patent. The requirements of protection vary from country to country. Because the novelty and inventive step requirements are less stringent than those required for patents, utility models can be useful for incremental inventions where only a small change has been made and which might not meet the inventive step requirements for a patent. An inventive step is required but in a lower grade than for a patent and the maximum duration of protection is shorter. What can be protected by a utility model?