About photographic enlargements. Introduction to Printing Services

If you're on the lookout for a way to display blown-up photographs, these are perfect for the job! Use them as posters, wall art, window displays, or as pretty much anywhere you need poster-sized photographs. We print on high- or semi-gloss premium photo paper. We recommend high-gloss finishes for photographs. The less reflective semi-gloss finish is best for business presentations and graphs.

Current status quo for uniforms. Seen and Heard

In , the American Dream looked a lot like it did in the s. It was rooted in the suburbs; it was a nuclear family; and it was white. Men wore a uniform of starched white shirts, dark suits and slim ties. For women, a middle-class existence was defined by shift dresses and merciless foundation garments. If a woman was really reckless or daring, she might invest in one of the new pantsuits on the market, an idea that French designer Yves Saint Laurent had recently popularized.

Bulk automotive striped wire. Featured Products

Automotive Primary Wire has a smooth surface, ideal for pulling through wire looms or other wiring management. Automotive Primary Wire is designed for many different automotive environments and to endure the harsh conditions of a variety of automotive applications. Our Primary Wire is top of the line and has excellent features. SXL wire is used in applications that have a need for high heat resistance and high temperature performance. Primary Wire Customization: Allied is a value-added manufacturer and offers customization services on all of its automotive primary wire.