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She was born in the Philippines but she grew up in Malaysia. During her Viva Hot Babes days, she ventured in singing and dancing as well as in doing various TV shows and movies. Despite of that stardom, Jennifer decided to leave the entertainment industry to fulfill the dream of her parents. The former sexy star graduated in college with a degree in Culinary Arts in the prestigious school of Enderun Colleges, based on the article published in Showbiz Read. Nakaka-miss siya.

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Spring Break is upon the USA, when hordes of college students flock to booze-fuelled beach parties filled with drugs, nudity, sex and brawling. The parties started in after college swimming coach Sam Ingram brought his team to train at the Casino Pool in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Fort Lauderdale saw , students descending on it by — and by the end of the decade the town had had enough of the hard partying. The town went on to build a wall separating the beach from the road, raised the drinking age and made drinking open containers of alcohol illegal — but still the parties persisted, with many heading to other towns further south instead. Porn director Joe Francis began filming girls dancing topless on the beach for his franchise Girls Gone Wild — often unbeknownst to them.

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I'm sure that, once upon a time, my vagina was "peachy. I remember it vividly. I'd just had my first baby and, like a lot of women, the labour hadn't quite gone to plan. What I mean by that is, after the first twelve hours of labour, I got my birth plan and rammed it down my husband's throat. After 24 hours, I had consumed all the drugs the hospital could offer and was in an epidurally induced haze of Hello Magazine and jelly tots.

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We're a couple handcrafting Personalised Rubber Stamps in which you can tell us your need and preference and we will design it for you. Answer: When it's yours! Our stamp collection can be engraved with personalized graphic text on the rubber. You can also provide your own design and we professionally etch them on the rubber stamp, design and create personalised customised rubber stamp! As all the rubber stamps are handmade, there will be minimal risks for this funded project no manufacterer, factory, freight issues.

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You can do facial readings on yourself, your lover, family members, friends, co-workers etc. Also, find out what face reading is all about, and when to call a professional face reader. Every facial feature — such as narrow eyes, big nose, long chin, thick eyebrows etc. It can also give you a general idea about your fate : past, present, and future. You can also do a face reading to reveal the state of your health.

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Though ''The Girl Next Door,'' a naughty new comedy that opens nationwide today, concerns the behavior of porn stars, it is unlikely to be mistaken for a pornographic movie. Or so I'm told. Its own feverish confusion, that is, may be an accurate reflection of a social landscape that includes both abstinence-only sex education and ''Girls Gone Wild. Matt Emile Hirsch is a high-achieving, dutiful high school senior who gazes longingly at the hedonistic antics of the jocks, the cool kids and the popular babes all of whom look about 10 years older than he does , wishing he had the nerve to cut loose and be free. Like a live-action Jimmy Neutron, Matt, a handsome, well-adjusted young man, comes equipped with two nerdy sidekicks, in his case a sex-crazed film geek Chris Marquette and a pasty-faced, long-haired nebbish Paul Dano.